Yukon Territory

An authentically landscaped area resembling the rugged Klondike Region during the Gold Rush era.
Yukon Territory is the home of: Looney Tunes National Park and Camp Cartoon.

Rides and Attractions located in Yukon Territory:

Logger's Run - Log flume ride - Under 42" w/adult and no lap children

Camp Cartoon - Themed kid's area - Various height restrictions

Bugs Bunny National Park - Themed kid's area - Various height restrictions


Saskatchewan Smash - Adults and kids can step right up and fire a fast ball at targets to win a prize.

Shops / Souvenir Stands

Cartoon Cabin - Features clothes and souvenirs that will make you say,
"Scooby Dooby Doo!!!" All you favorite characters are here.

Henna Tattoos

Six Flags Kids - Look no further than Six Flags Kids to search for something special
to give your little one.

The Leather Shop

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